Recently I sat down and watched a movie on a sound system that I didn’t originally sell or set up. While the components were recognizable brands, the sound became fatiging by the end of the hour and 45 minutes. As it turns out the system did not have all the speakers in place only left and right, and while the amplification was very good the speakers struggled to produce dialog and the bass from the subwoofer was overpowering(Likely due to the crossover and phase settings). I do believe the center channel if setup correctly would have had a great deal of benefit for the system.

So what was the issue with the system that made the experience so rough? As it turns out it really starts with the speaker selection, some brands out there sound great at first, however for hours and hours of listening sometimes they will just become harsh and hard to listen to. Much of this comes from the driver selection and crossover points. Some of the harshness actually comes from the cooling of the tweeters which may change characteristics after heat running through them for an extended duration. Nevertheless the real truth about a high fidelity speaker will come out after hours of listening. So if you want to audition a speaker play it for at least an hour with different volumes and different source music or movies and that will be very telling about it’s long term viability for your system. People have often asked me what makes a great sound system? The simple answer is one that I want to listen to for hours no matter what music is playing. For more information about speakers that you can listen to for hours and years call us to discuss your sound system needs today.