DIY – to be or not to be

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As I embarked on a recent project I realized that while what I was about to do (Electrical Work) was not my profession, but I needed some cost savings and I thought at the time that I had more time than money. I have two electricians in the family and in a round-about way I deal with electrical and wiring all the time. Knowing that I had a phone a friend available at any time I embarked on what I thought was a two day project which would cost around 300 dollars in parts. As it turns out my field is much different than that of an electrician. I knew what parts I needed but time after time I couldn’t find them, and worse yet I could not convey to the parts houses what I really needed. This incurred a significant amount of time which was not factored in to be eaten up at the supply houses, around a half day to be exact. While the project is nearly complete I spent at least 4 days thus far to get it to the completion level that it is at not done, I will be lucky if it is done in 5. Keep in mind that the parts to date were more than double what I expected. So while I more than doubled the cost and the labor of the project, I lost the benefit of having a professional do the work, and while my work actually works fairly well and looks O.K. I know any other electrician would cringe at the site of how it was done; I know this because my father in law came by and did just that. Over the years I have discovered that the sprinklers that I did myself which are not working perfectly causes a lot of extra seeding and adjustment to the spray heads, and I can go on for literally days on this subject, and I am sure my wife could chime in as well.

I guess the moral of the story is that I didn’t know what I didn’t know about these projects and ultimately it cost me time, money, and a really reliable project. So as you embark on doing your own audio video system, you might find that the happiness of you and your spouse might be higher if you pay a professional. They might even talk you out of that 4k television in favor of a better audio system, or they might have a great way to hide all of the equipment, who knows your wife and kids might even be able to operate it when they are done. Choosing a professional in any profession makes the end result so much better and often times increases your satisfaction level. If you time is like mine it is very valuable and learning a new language might not be your best choice, maybe you just want to hit the “Watch T.V.” button and enjoy the finals in surround sound without having to stand on your head and hold your tongue just right.

The truth about listener fatigue

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Recently I sat down and watched a movie on a sound system that I didn’t originally sell or set up. While the components were recognizable brands, the sound became fatiging by the end of the hour and 45 minutes. As it turns out the system did not have all the speakers in place only left and right, and while the amplification was very good the speakers struggled to produce dialog and the bass from the subwoofer was overpowering(Likely due to the crossover and phase settings). I do believe the center channel if setup correctly would have had a great deal of benefit for the system.

So what was the issue with the system that made the experience so rough? As it turns out it really starts with the speaker selection, some brands out there sound great at first, however for hours and hours of listening sometimes they will just become harsh and hard to listen to. Much of this comes from the driver selection and crossover points. Some of the harshness actually comes from the cooling of the tweeters which may change characteristics after heat running through them for an extended duration. Nevertheless the real truth about a high fidelity speaker will come out after hours of listening. So if you want to audition a speaker play it for at least an hour with different volumes and different source music or movies and that will be very telling about it’s long term viability for your system. People have often asked me what makes a great sound system? The simple answer is one that I want to listen to for hours no matter what music is playing. For more information about speakers that you can listen to for hours and years call us to discuss your sound system needs today.

What you need to know about Dolby Atmos

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So what is the big deal with the latest surround sound format from Dolby Laboratories? Let’s face the facts there have been a ton of surround sound formats that have come from the brainchild which owns the business of surround sound, most of them have been unmentionable, but we at Audio Video Experts think this one is worth checking out. I have been around the business for a long time and even saw the first release of DVD which was touting digital surround sound, and there have been so many unexciting things that have come along, but I am genuinely impressed by this subtle giant.

Here’s why…. One of the surfaces that has been un-tapped and is teaming with on axis potential is the ceiling surface. With Atmos you can diffuse sound onto this surface from an angled and up firing speaker on top of the main speakers or you can install ceiling speakers, anywhere from 2 to 6. With this format you are truly experiencing a more immersive experience. With traditional 5.1 or 7.1 a rainstorm might sound like you are inside of a car with the windows down, but with atmos it sounds like you are in a convertible with the top down in a rain storm. With sound coming down on you the effect is much more immersive. So if you are building a new home theater system or upgrading an existing one, make sure you visit the option of Dolby Atmos, it is worth your consideration.